Why Use O2G Mortgage Sources Broker Services?

customized mortgage solution

    O2G Brokers can design a customized mortgage solution

  • 1st and 2nd Mortgage
  • Conventional Mortgage (minimum down payment of 20%)
  • High Ratio Mortgage (less than 20% down payment)
  • 0–35 year Amortization Mortgage
  • Interest-only payment Mortgage
  • Pre-approved Mortgage
  • Balloon payment Mortgage
  • Customized term Mortgage – Fixed Rate or Variable Rate Mortgages
  • Open/Closed Mortgage – open mortgages allows client to pay off full mortgages at any time without facing a penalty
  • Cash Back Mortgage – receive cash up front
  • Portable Mortgage – transfer from one property to another without penalty or requalifying

Knowledge of Wide Array of Mortgage Products

  • We offer Land, Commercial, Construction
  • VTB (Vendor Take Back) Mortgage – seller financing that lets buyer get a mortgage directly from the seller of the property
  • oMultiple Collateral Mortgage – Single mortgage secured by more than one property

Support throughout the whole process

  • We will provide support to our clients through the whole process of Mortgage qualification, application, approval, and closing with an Attorney.

Access to Alternative Lenders

  • MIC (Mortgage Investment Corporation) – fully authorized entity that pools investor money into a fund to underwrite mortgages
  • B-Lenders - allow non-conventional income sources such as self-employed
  • Private Lenders - flexible underwriting rules
  • Equity Lenders - underwriting based on the equity – LTV or CLTV in property rather than conversation underwriting criteria.
  • Syndicate – Group of lenders that can provide significant loans for single borrowers & property

Clients get Personalized Expert Advise

  • Our Brokers have access to countless options for a tailor-made mortgage that suits the client's financial conditions.

We negotiate Best Interest Rate

  • O2G Brokers have access to 100’s of lenders to negotiate the best mortgage rates and terms for our clients.

We help Clients Save Time & Effort, Optional Fees

  • With our services we help save clients time and effort by taking care of all required legwork, handling loan procedure and documentation.
  • We can get lenders to waive application, appraisal, origination & other optional fees.