Residential Mortgages

Residential mortgages can be a simple and effective way to borrow, whether you are buying a new property, refinancing a residential mortgage or looking to create liquidity. Our tailored mortgage service is designed to make the process easy and flexible.

We offer competitive rates across a broad range of individually structured mortgages and repayment options for completed primary residences, second homes and investment properties.

Benefits include

  • Streamlined process and quick decision-making, Fast service with closing in 2 days
  • Extended interest-only and capital repayment terms
  • Best Interest Rates – we have access to 100’s of lenders to negotiate best mortgage rates and terms
    • B-Lenders - allow non-conventional income sources such as self-employed
    • Private Lenders - flexible underwriting rules
    • Equity Lenders - underwriting based on the equity – LTV or CLTV in property rather than conversation underwriting criteria.
  • Fixed and Variable rates
  • Open & Closed Mortgage
    • Open mortgages allow client to pay off full mortgages at any time without facing a penalty
  • 0–35 year Amortization Mortgage

Our expertise means we can offer

  • In-depth experience with the large and complex mortgages typically needed to buy and refinance high-end property with no maximum loan size
  • Broad knowledge of the most prestigious real estate markets
  • A commitment to privacy and confidentiality

Personalize Service

A dedicated mortgage agent will support you with the following:

  • End-to-end service from application to funding your loan
  • Exclusive service support for the duration of your loan

We are confident that we can offer low rates, fast service with ability to close in span of just 2 days.